Review of Ben Hogan Apex Plus (Irons)

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Ben Hogan
Apex Plus

Hogan produced a high quality forged cavity/muscle back iron.A beautiful finish with details like multi color ferrule,painted sunburst,and large red numbers marking each iron.The clubs are traditional looking but technology like variable face thickness and forged cavity make these a winner.


They are a very beautiful iron and have a very traditional quality about them.I like the solid feel the irons produce on well struck shots and for a forged club they are as forgiving as any club I played prior.Overall solid is the best word I would use to discibe this club.


I have noticed the ball jumps off the face of the short irons on chips and knockdown shots so distance control can be a problem.But overall there is not much I don't like about this iron set.


If you like traditional looking clubs and the added playability of a cavity look no further.In one word this club is solid and should work for low and mid handicap players alike.I like the looks of the club in my bag and at address but it's the performance the club offers that keeps them there.

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