Review of Burrows 400cc MAC Powersphere (Drivers)

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400cc MAC Powersphere

Very solid all the way around. Face really works, thicker than most, so the sound is a little more dull compared to the tinny sound of some, or the kettle drum dong of a few, I like the solid sound. Shaft, as mentioned, is superb, the $39 was worth it for the shaft alone.


This stick is a bomber! The shaft makes the difference, as the Fujikura MAC shaft, HF-6 is a huge winner. I hear that Fuji liked the designed for Burrows shaft so well that they released it under their own name as the Tour Platform, and expensive shaft!Their are several MAC driver heads, the 400 in my opinion is the best. Great sound, and the technology really works... off center hits are still acceptable, if not too bad off, the ball still really goes. If you pure it, it is as long as anything out there. Great feel, decent feedback (if the ball hits the driving range fence at 300 yards, it was a good hit). Mine is an R flex, and it is fine... 46' requires a little more control,. as I usually go 44.5' for control and to be able to take a wild rip at it. Stick looks much like a Titleist head, which is just fine. Sound is great. And since the company went out of business, these drivers seem to be radioactive, they are giving them away!


Mine came with a new Winn wrap, I do not care for them, as when wet or even damp (and it gets really muggy and sweaty here) the grip becomes really slippery. Other than that (not a factory grip) I like the whole enchilada.


This $39 beauty is in the bag, and I have tried dozens of drivers. The 400 cc is very hard to find now, might have been the tour model, face appears to be square, but this is a GREAT driver!

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