Review of Callaway FT (Irons)


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Once again, well designed and manufactured. Easier to clean than the last Fusions. There is no doubt that Callaway knows how to build quality irons. They are the masters at being technologically advanced than the rest.


Nice look to the head, definitely more Blade-looking with thinner lines and less off-set. Beautiful looking irons. Much more shine to the metal head than the last version.


Heavier and shorter shaft. That is a mistake on Callaway's part. They say they wanted it to be more of a player's irons, and I understand that - but to rob the player of distance compared to the last set is a huge mistake on their part. Shorter doesn't necessary mean more control these days, especially when the face is so hot and the ball flies anyway.


Should've kept the price the same as the last version. Need more shaft options to make it worthwhile for anyone to pay a much higher price than other standard irons. I really would have think hard about replacing my Fusions. I think I will wait until the price goes down or when I can customize it more to my liking.

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