Review of Callaway RAZR X Tour (Irons)

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Same excellent quality heads as I've come to expect from Callaway. Great guality shafts from True Temper and Rifle. Assembly was very high quality as well


Excellent set of irons. Much better than the standard RAZR X irons with the uniflex shafts. These irons are a little smaller in size for the better golfer. I tested them with all kinds of optional shafts. The Project X and TT Dynamic Gold shafts were the best fit for my swing. Really long with the right shaft. I hit some 215 yard carry 6 iron shots with the Tour version. Much better consistancy with the high end steel shafts. Nice solid feel at impact and nice high straight ball flight.


Nothing not to like with the right shaft fit.


If you are looking for a new set of high quality irons, demo a set of the RAZR X Tour irons today. Get fit for the correct lie angle by a good club fitter, and try a few of the shaft options available in these irons. From my fitting, we came up with standard lie angle and TT Dynamice Gold S300 shafts as the best fit. Extremely long irons, 6 iron was giving me 215 yards of carry, which is major long. Easy to hit and workable all in one set. For me, they are a litter longer than the Burner 2.0 with a higher ball flight due to 2 degrees more loft per club. RAZR X Tour 6 iron has 29* of loft compared to 28* for the non tour model, and 27* for the Burner 2.0 or Cleveland CG16 irons.

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