Review of Callaway Steelhead Plus 5W (Fairway Woods)


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Jeff Sandusky
Steelhead Plus 5W

Excellent. No complaints here.


I seem to be pretty consistent with it. It's got a very solid feel and I have a bad habit of pulling it out whenever I need a consistent shot. I know I'll never break 100 with this mentality, but sometimes I'll use it even in closer than I should and back off my swing a bit. I'm really that comfortable with it.


Nothing yet. I turn to this club to much because it's one of the only things I can actually hit consistently with in my bag.


I can't complain. For as much as I turn to it, the price didn't bother me, even though I have no business paying $200 for a wood. Shots are consistent and solid and it will get me off the turf nicely when I'm in the middle of the fairway. Great Callaway quality.

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