Review of CHAMP FLIX Ball Mark Repair Tool (Accessories)


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FLIX Ball Mark Repair Tool

Excellent design and quality construction.


I've always been a big fan of the plastic ball mark repair tools over the metal ones. For one thing they just feel more comfortable in my hand and they work very well. This Switch Blade style FLIX tools is just as comfortable in my hand and it fits nicely in my pants pocket during a round. NO sharp points like of most metal tools. It's also about twice as long after the blade is extended so it's longer then other tools so it's that much easier to use. the spring loaded blade is easy to fold away and easy to extend. Hassle free.


Nothing as long as I clean off the blade before closing up the tool.


The FLIX ball mark repair tool by CHAMP is now my favorite repair tool. It's very handy to use and easy to carry when folded up. It's also FUN to play with when I'm standing around waiting on the group ahead of me. It's like playing with a switch blade knife only much safer for your fingers. Orange handle with a stainless steel blade.

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