Review of Cleveland CG16 (Irons)


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Quality is first rate, like I expect from Cleveland golf clubs. Good quality shaft and grips as well as a quality head.Club was assembled very well.


The new CG16 irons are long, very long. This id due to having lower lofts compared to clubs from a few years ago. The laser cut small grooves between the full size grooves work very well for adding spin on the ball. Very easy club to hit well. Good grip and shaft in these clubs.


Ball flight is about 5 degrees lower than with my 7 iron. Again, this is due to the lower loft, 31* compared to 36* for my 7 iron. This translates to too much roll out when the ball lands with little holding power on the greens. Top line could be narrower also.


Most of the OEM's are coming out with lower lofts in their irons to get more distance at the expense of too much roll out when the ball lands due to the lower launch angles. Great for distance hungry amatuers, but hard on the better golfer looking for the ball to stop on the greens close to where it lands. What you are getting is a 7 iron with the loft of a 6 iron, so needless to say you get the same lower ball flight and longer distance you'd get with a 6 iron. If you are looking for more distance with your irons, and like the idea of more roll out to go with the added carry yardage. this would be my choice. The Laser milled face texture really does work for added spin. Very easy to hit and the shafts are high quality steel shafts. I rate the CG16 irons a 5 for carry yardage and ease of use. but a 3 for holding the greens.

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