Review of Cleveland Launcher (Fairway Woods)


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Kevin K

Very solid construction, high-quality unit, with aesthetically pleasing appearance. The gold shaft and bright chromed clubhead look great.


It is easy to align and has a nice profile, easy to look at. Is much more consistent, and straighter than my Orlimar Trimetal Plus fairway wood. It is easy to work the ball left-right, right-left, straight, and to change the ball trajectory. Mishits are not punished, slight loss of distance, usually due to ball going higher than normal, not so much left or right.


Will not work too well out of much rails on bottom. Maybe it is just me, but the clubface collects alot of junk and is always needing to be cleaned which can be a pain if I am practicing with it and need to always stop and clean it.


Very well rounded fairway wood, lasting quality, looks great, consistently long and straight, and will not break the bank.

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