Review of Cleveland Monster XLS Tour (Drivers)

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Monster XLS Tour

Felt very solid, and looked good setting up.


This club is supposed to be max'ing out the limits of MOI according to USGA guidelines which according to Cleveland will improve results no matter where the ball strikes the clubface. Well, this driver didn't seem as forgiving as my current Cobra Speed/LD. Ballflight for the Monster was high, higher than the LD. Distance was long, but the club felt stiff. Maybe the stock stiff shaft is stiffer than most but swings felt stiff and the results were a bit less forgiving than the LD. Looks like there is not a closed face on this driver so if your current one has one, which mine does, that will also push the ball a little more right than you're used to. Sound, well it's as sound piercing as my LD is so I was used to that.


Struggled to get the club face closed. I was able to but I had to really work at it. If you have a solid swing, then this might be the driver for you. Long and high off the tee.


probably a great driver for better players. Nice price.

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