Review of Cleveland Tour Action (Wedges)

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Tour Action

This club is very nicely weighted which is a big factor while chipping. It has a nice chrome finish (although I do beleive it is available in gunmetal and bronze.) It has a True Temper shaft and a good, Cleveland grip.


I think that a wedge should be the most important club in a golfer's bag. This club has an amazing solf feel but is also rough enough so that one could spin the ball if needed (this is the first club with which I've ever been able to spin the ball.) It is weighted well enough so that one could work the ball very easily.


Besides the price, the only thing that sets this club back is that it's almost too good. A golfer may become sataited with this club's easy workability and not have as good iron or drive shots.


This is a great club for any player. The easy workability and solt feel make this the perfect club for flop shots, pitch-and-run shots, or chip shots. Because of these reasons and more, which are not ver wordable (you'll know what I mean when you buy this club), this is the most trusted club in my bag.

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