Review of Face Forward F2 (Wedges)

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Face Forward

Quality is very good, nothing to complain about at all


To me, the best thing about the F2 design is that the leading edge of the club face is about 1/2 inch forward of the edge of a normal design. This means that when you open the club face to play a bunker shot or a high lob shot, the shaft doesn't get in the way as much. If you like to play a flop shot, this F2 design is pretty nice.


Playing a full swing shot with the F2 design can be a problem, as the club face is 1/2 inch forward, and it can dig into the ground quite easily if you're not carefull.


The idea of the face forward F2 design is to prevent shanking the ball. For this, it works very well. If you don't have a problem with shanks, then the best thing about the F2 wedges is how much more club face you have to work with when hitting a flop shot. The down side is that the leading edge can dig into the ground on a full swing shot, causing you to hit the ball quite fat, and come up way short. If you want to try playing a high flop shot, you might want to give the F2 wedge a try. If not, I'd recommend you say with a more normal desigh wedge.

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