Review of Golfsmith Viper Tour Steel (Fairway Woods)

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Viper Tour Steel

Quality is first rate. Very well made and it looks as good as it works.


This head has 3 movable weight screws so I can play with the ball flight as needed. Also allows me to change the swing weight of the club at will, since I also got 4 extra weight screws. The club face is taller than most and I like this for hitting off a tee, as it gives me more room for error, and I have more confidence in my ability to hit it well. The face is made of Custom 455 steel, which is a maraging steel which is very hard as is about as hot of a face material as you can find. The head is listed as being very forgiving, which is a plus, and workable which is another plus. Distance with this head is very long and straight for me. Nice high boring ball flight. Can get the ball to land rather softly on the green with this club. Nice for long par 3's, short par 4's or approach shots from around 220 yards out.


Nothing to not like about this head. It works very well and does what I expect of it.


If you like a taller face on a wood for hitting off a tee, this is a great 7 wood to try. It's as hot of a club face as you'll find on a fairway wood.The 3 movable screws let you correct a fade or draw if you need to. It's very easy to hit well both off a tee and off the deck.

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