Review of Guerin Rife 2 Bar Mallet (Putters)

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Guerin Rife
2 Bar Mallet

I'm a Ping guy and this putter equals Ping in quality and feel. Very very pleased.


Frankly I had not heard of 'Rife' Putters and did not know there had been an infomercial. It just looked kind of like what I had in mind. I putted everything in the store, got down to 3 putters for a half hour and while I wanted to get the bigger 'name' putter, I simply kept coming back to that Rife 2-bar. 5 rounds later it may have been my best equipment buy in years. The guys that borrow it also love it and one went out and bought one that day.The balance is amazing. The pitch is the 'forward roll grooves'. I thought 'sure, whatever' but wow, it works. I don't know about the different weights and all. The standard (medium) weight set up was perfect for me. Definately cut off at least 6 strokes for my game. Deadly 4' in which used to be tough. I lag so much better know too. Love it.




I can put my putting whoas behind me for awhile and go look to buy that 'magic' chipper!

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