Review of MacGregor Tourney Forged PCB Tour (Irons)


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Mike Speer
Tourney Forged PCB Tour

These clubs are flawless. From the traditional look to the forgiveness of the cavity back, these clubs play like blades with the ease of CBs. The velvet tour wraps and true temper shaft make these perfectly weighted clubs feel like an extension of your body.


These clubs are not only nice to look at in your bag, they are oh so sweet to hit. They have an extremely high tradgectory and land soft on the greens and I can shape shots with little effort. The true temper shafts make the feel and control of these irons 2nd to none.


I honestly have nothing negative to say about these clubs. I have played forged blades for years and I am a 4-handicapp, and these are quite frankly the best clubs that I have ever played.


These are the best clubs I have ever played, cut-and-dry. If you have an opportunity to purchase a set of these clubs jump at the chance. I am glad that I did.

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