Review of Maxfli A10 Tour Limited Irons (Irons)


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Joe Golfer
A10 Tour Limited Irons

The finish looks just like a forging (from the top and front view) and overall quality is great. I would note that they are soft like a forged iron and will ding very easily.


I currently have a mix of the Mizuno MP33 for PW through the 6 iron and use my Ping EYE2 for 3,4,5 iron. The A10s interested me as they have the basic concept that I have been using for some time now in one set.After demo-ing the set I found them to be extremely easy to work the ball with and look beautiful at address.Very soft feel (like forged) throughout the set.


Nothing at this point.


Great set of irons.. I highly recommend them to anyone who is using or would like a mixed set of musclebacks and cavity and does not want to buy two sets. Recommend for 10 hcp and less.

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