Review of Maxfli PowerMax (Drivers)

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I was a bit leery about buying a 'clearance club' because the perception is that isn't a good club, otherwise, it would sell for top dollar right? Not at all. This club swings solid, and definitely doesn't feel cheap.


I showed up at The Pines in Marana, AZ with my new driver about 15 minutes before my tee time on New Years Day. I didn't have any time to warm up. My first shot off the tee was AWESOME! The ball came off the driver like a rocket, straight down the fairway and landed just near the barber pole (from the black tees) My friends were stunned. They had never seen me drive that far before. The club makes a solid sound when you make contact. The sweetspot is pretty wide, and judging from the ball marks on the driver face, even when I contacted the ball off center, the ball flight was still straight. This is a good driver..and for what I paid...a bargain!


I'm not too thrilled about the grip. Even though the driver is new, I may regrip this club. There's nothing wrong with it, just my personal preference is for Winn grips. Also, Sports Authority did not sell this club with a head cover. At least the head was shrink wrapped with plastic, and a protective decal over the driver faceplate.


I'm very pleased with the purchase. I've never broken 100 at The Pines, and my first time out with this driver, I shot 90. My best round ever at this course. I credit the Maxfli driver with giving me an extra 20 yards (at least) off the tee.

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