Review of Mizuno JPX-800 (Drivers)


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Joe Golfer

Excellent quality.Great sound at impact as well.


I actually like this Mizuno driver better than the one which I purchased for myself, the Titleist.The only reason I went with the Titleist is because the price was so low, as I already have a few good drivers.It was a total impulse buy for both of us, though my buddy actually could use a better driver than he had, and now he has an excellent one.Though I had described the head as slightly triangular in shape, it is so very slight that I would really characterize this as a fairly traditional shape, though it appears large and easy to hit.The face is plenty deep, and at setup it makes it look like it is very easy to launch.The club sets up beautifully.The shaft not only looks good, but it performs really well.I've used Mizuno's Exsar shafts in the past, and they do make really good shafts, not skimping on quality.The ball gets up easily and travels far.The ball flight is mid to low, though it is a 9* loft, so that may affect the height.The ball flight is straight as an arrow, no surprising hooks or fades, with a good roll upon landing.After purchasing the drivers, we headed to the driving range to try them out outdoors after we had already tried them in the store's hitting bays.Seemed strange to be hitting golfballs on St. Patricks Day in Chicago, but the weather was in the mid 70's.


Nothing to dislike.


This is a superb driver.I would rate it higher than the one I purchased, the Titleist 909D2, and I liked that one plenty.I just liked the Mizuno better, but my buddy purchased that one, and he paid a little more than I did, but still got a tremendous bargain on a like-new used driver from Golf Galaxy.Shaft feels like a true stiff shaft. Good ball flight, as launch is easy but ball just keeps going. Exceptionally forgiving. Very straight ball flight.I'd subjectively rate this shaft as best for those who swing in a range of 90-105 mph with the driver. I liked this shaft and head combo very much.I swing around 95 mph, and this had a good feel to it, neither too stiff or too weak.

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