Review of Mizuno MP37 (Irons)


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Grain flowed forge blades can dent easily,but the finish and look is a master peice of construction and craftsmanship.


Pure feel at impact! It goes where you aim it.You can work it with ease and distance control is superior to cast irons.Cast irons can vary between 15 to 25 yards.


Bad or poor strikes causes a hard vibration felt in your hands.Like a teacher hitting at your hands when you do it wrong.To avoid the pain,you must nail it in the middle of the clubface as it is not forgiving at all.


I believe these irons are superior in distance control and accuracy.If you can use them well,it will reward you with many birdie chances.It is not as difficult to use if you had the right shaft custom fitted to your swing and tempo.Once you hit a Mizuno forged blade,you will never use anything else!After taking all the money from my 5 buddies,they asked how I can improve so much overnight? I said go and get yourself a set Mizuno blades for the next round :)

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