Review of Mizuno MX-20 Irons (Irons)

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John W.
MX-20 Irons

The overall quality and construction of these irons is first rate. The finish is flawless and they perform as advertised. While they are a forged club, they retain some of the characteristics of a cast club: mild off-set and a cavity back design with a mid-sized club head.


Having played approximately 20 rounds with the MX-20's, the best feature is the forged head. There is immediate feedback on each shot without it being to harsh on mis-hits. The smaller head is easier to get through the turf and I'm able to work my shots to a greater degree. There is less offset than my PINGS and the overall look is more traditional.


One thing I would change about the clubs are the factory grips. Next season I will go with a midsized, WINN grip. I've also noticed that I've lost a club in terms of distance but then again I really didn't need to be hitting 150 yard pitching wedges anyway. This was probably due more to the PINGS having a steeper loft than my golfing ability or strength.


After considering other clubs ( Hogan Apex Plus and Cleveland and Taylormade ) I decided on the MX-20's because of their look and their value. The Hogans were a close second but they were being discontinued in that model. My game certainly wasn't ready for a blade but I was looking for an upgrade beyond what a cast iron had to offer. The Mizunos have turned out to be exactly what I was looking for in a set of irons.

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