Review of Never Compromise Kappa (Putters)


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Never Compromise

The putter is exceptionally well made. The grip alone makes the thing feel like a soft weapon out there - the feel is unbelievable.


I was killing time in the store waiting for my wife to try out some clubs and was just messing around with putters with absolutely no intention of buying a new one...then I picked up this darned Never Compromise putter. I made literally 19 out of 20 10 foot putts easily. The darn club practically swings itself. I tried putting with only my left hand...then only my didn't matter - practically everything went in. I tore myself away, not wanting to spend that kind of $$$ on a putter. I couldn't stop thinking about it and went back 2 days later and bought it.


The only thing I didn't like initially was the price, but it has easily paid for itself.


This is the best putter I have ever tried (and I used to work at a country club pro-shop where I tried everything). The only thing I have to do is tell myself to hold it lightly - the lighter I hold it, the more putts I make. I used to be a arms/shoulder putter, but now I let my wrists break and let this thing swing itself, and it is just ridiculous the number of putts that I make. I have played approx. 20 times since buying it and have not 3-putted as of yet. As you may be able to tell, I am thrilled with it and hope they will be made far into the future. My old putter was a Ping Anser which was about 15 years old, which I was very heppy with, but this thing blew it away. Give it a try if you have somewhere near you that has them. I noticed them on the LPGA tour some last year, but now I see them on both the PGA and the LPGA in growing numbers. GIVE IT A TRY!

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