Review of Never Compromise NCX-Ray (Putters)

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Never Compromise

seemed solid to me. No visible issues


I've not really used NC putters before, so this was a fun test. Overall the look and feel were similar to today's mallet putters. I prefer mallets to standard putters, feeling I have more mass there to help me move the ball forward. The NCX-Ray is not bad from that respect. The putter feels solid, the weight gives confidence of a solid strike. On short putts, it was pretty easy to line up. The 'guide' that's built into the way the putter head is designed helps with alignment, and feel solid when you strike the ball. Can't say the ball 'jumps' off the face like it does with some high MOI putters but it does ok. Looks were about the norm now a days, ok , but nothing very unique or note-worthy


To me the putter was not as easy to align on long putts. I always seemed to miss right or left. Not badly mind you but I just didn't have as much confidence in it from a longer distance.


Nice putter. For the money, nothing was outstanding and made me want to get rid of my current PING.

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