Review of Nicklaus AirMax 360 Driver (Drivers)

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AirMax 360 Driver

The quality of the club seems to be first rate. The salesman told me that the only unit he has ever seen come back for repair was one where the owner drove his golf cart over it and broke the shaft. Speaking of the shaft, the standard is a Fujikura SG Pro Graphite. It's a nice shaft. I got the Stiff flex with the 9 degree loft on the head.


First of all, this club hits the ball at least 30 yards further than my Prima when I hit a sweet shot. But that is not the best part! The AirMax is amazingly forgiving. Slight mis-hits result in less distance but are still right down the middle. Some of my mis-hits were as long as my sweet hits with the Prima. I REALLY have to miss the hit to get this club to slice or hook. I've done both, but at least 80-90% of my shots go right down the middle. That is much better than with the Prima. The extra yardage on the sweet hits is frosting on the cake.


About the only disadvantage with this club is a result of the big advantage noted above. Namely, this club hits amazingly straight. That's a disadvantage for someone who wants to hit a draw off the tee. I've tried and it's hard to get the club to draw, for me anyway. I can hit a decent draw with my 3W so I figure it's a good trade off to hit the 3W off the tee when I need a draw and have the AirMax for all of the holes where I want it long and straight.


This is a fine driver for mid to high handicappers. I am currently a 24 and steadily improving. Low handicappers may not like the lack of workability.

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