Review of Nike 10.5* Forged Titanium Driver (Drivers)


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Pete Crump
10.5* Forged Titanium Driver

Construction and finish are superb.


The Nike Forged drive lives up to its billing -- forged IS better. I am now playing a 350cc 10.5 degree regular flex with the mid kick point. This is probably a little too lofted for me but it puts the ball out there with lots of hang time. The club looks normal at address (not a monstrosity at the end of the shaft) and, since it has a tall face, it makes contact fairly easy. The club sets up closed but works very well for working the ball left and right. The forged face hits the ball hard, the shaft has good flex and control and the grip is basically a tour velvet -- what's not to like? All in all the Nike driver is a winner.


Not much to not like here. The club cover has a zipper which some dislike. I'm ambivalent.


All in all, this is a driver that will stay in my bag for a long time. I'd like to play around with the lofts and shafts but this club is a winner all the way around.

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