Review of Nike 350CC Driver (Drivers)

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Ric Cortez
350CC Driver

Neat clean, no gimmicks just fine engineering and workmanship. If all things could be engineered this well!!! WOW!!


Nike has designed the ultimate in conventional drivers. No gimmicks, just good clean engineering and design. Hard work and forsight went into this club to make it the best in initial design. What makes a excellent driver? Excellent results. I hit this two large bucket of range balls and it exceeded my expectations. I am not a seasoned golfer just a first year beginner who has had a excellant teacher. This club made me a believer in hgih quality equipment. No matter how I hit with this club, off balance,off alignment,and even slicing the ball. The Nike held it's own and made me look like a seasoned professional. At 52 years of age people surrounded themselves to watch me hit the ball!! Me a first year player. Hitting a range ball 250-300 yards over and over again!!! I knew immediately it was not all me but the Nike Driver doing what it was made to do, hit the ball and well. I have more power than I can control, the Nike controlled it for me, 8 out of 10 drives were straight and with 15 feet of the 250 yard flag. I look like a pro, even though I knew I was way off balance a few shots and my follow thru was poor. Make more clubs like these and give us weekend golfers the tools we need to impress the non-player and encourage them to begin playing more golf.


the lack of avaialability and high price


Nike has set the standard for the classic conventionsal driver. No gimmicks just fine art. The tool works and works well, even with the beginner. The driver speaks for itself.. I recommend this driver to all my friends. Try it, find the right shaft and impress yourself as I did. The high quality club is for real. It can encourage and impress you as well as your friends..

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