Review of Nike Pro Combo OS Forged (Irons)

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Pro Combo OS Forged

After 6 rounds of play and 5 trips to the range they still look brand new after my cleaning. No scratches or dents or anything


Easy to hit. Looks great in the bag and at set up. Good feedback.


Standard grips dont seem 2 great. They are not bad, but I've seen better


GREAT unit for the price. Like I said Im a beginner so I cant comment on the distance of these clubs as my swing is inconsistent. Also, cant comment on 'workability' But my last time playing in the fall with my old Ping Eye 2s I shot a 123. My first time hitting balls after the winter I shot a 110 with these new clubs. I felt like I had 7-8 perfect shots with these that round. That isnt a lot obviously, but I had 2 Par putts thanks to these irons and 2 birdie putts on Par 3s. So considering my skill that was pretty good lol. So these are phenomenal irons especially for the beginner or occasional golfer

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