Review of Nike SQ Sumo Lucky 13 (Drivers)


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SQ Sumo Lucky 13

No faults with the quality so far after 18 months of playing every week.


Attractive appearnce, powerfull feel on ball striking, and a relatively broad face. Which helps my strike pattern. Gives a good healthy launch angle, and shallow drop of the ball. Hence getting both good carry and good roll. I occassionally get a slight draw with this club, otherwise a very straight ball flight. The tip stiffness of the NV helps to give a good ball flight. I tend to find that a low spin ball helps for total distance. Currently using a Nike One Black. Pro V's set off well, making you think that they have gone miles. However they seem to stall and then drop vertically. Overall a good quality club, a slightly softer tip may well give more draw to the ball flight for some. Currently getting a real 260 yards of flight plus 15 to 20 yards roll depending on ground conditions.


Nothig to dislike really. The sound is pretty load, as per most large headed drivers these days.


A very good quality driver! Make sure that you get the right shaft...don't fool yorself into going too stiff, you may be better off with a good quality regular shaft. Tee the ball moderately high, and simply enjoy the game!!

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