Review of Nike VR Full Cavity (Irons)

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VR Full Cavity

felt solidly constructed. Grip was soft and tacky. Nice set of irons


Loved the feel of these clubs. Hitting the 6I felt just like hitting the 8I. Very easy to hit and very soft feel. Every shot seemed solid. Nice look to the club and even the full cavity is not so big that it causes any double takes as you look at the club. Nice finish to the iron heads. Very easy to hit, very forgiving and good distance. Can't work this club as much as the split cavity but the low CG of the wide sole helps get the ball in the air and going straight in most lie conditions


Not much, maybe the price. As game improvement/super game improvement irons, the price is a little steep.


I really liked these irons. If they were just a little more workable I might consider putting them in my bag. the 6I was so easy to hit it was amazing. Maybe I should buy them anyway. I like the look and the outcome of the swings was consistently straight or a small draw. Very nice clubs.

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