Review of Nike VR X3X Toe Sweep Wedges


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Scott Rushing
VR X3X Toe Sweep Wedges

Expect high quality clubs


Nike says that a wider sole area toward the toe of the club and improved proprietary groove technology, the VR X3X Toe Sweep wedges deliver a more consistent shots with better ball flight.

A product of several years of work and analysis of shots with existing wedge technology lead to the innovative design that helps golfers hit better shots out of all types of lies.

“Our Tour players have told us that the toe side of the sole is most critical in bunker performance,” Taylor said. “Around the green, they asked for material to be ground away from the heel to aid open-face versatility.”

Dual Wide Sole is a wedge line with a C grind, with the sole shaped like a C and incorporating heel and toe relief.

“Everybody has been impressed with the ability of these wedges to cut through the grass and hit the ball in the right direction,” Taylor said. “I think we’ve really got something here.”

The Toe Sweep wedge gets its name from its unique sole grind. Nike has removed a large amount of the sole towards the heel and added width to the toe area. This design comes in handy when playing out of thick rough. The face slices through the grass and the hosel doesn’t get caught up causing that dreadful pull.


Product not yet released. Will update review once more information is available


Initial press is very positive about these wedges and their performance. Time will tell. This review will be updated once we get a chance to get our hands on a club to test.

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