Review of Odyssey White Hot #2 (Putters)

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White Hot #2

Pretty good. I refuse to use the headcover, so it gets banged around in the bag - and still looks OK after a year.


I see they're giving away an Odyssey White Hot if you write a review for this site. I don't know exactly what the rules are. Best written review? Emails tossed in a cyberhat? Well, my chances are better with the latter. Although I don't really need a White Hot. I have one. It's a #2 and I like it. I'm not sure if the 'insert' on the face does anything special except for making it sound sweet when you stroke the ball - but if a solid, deep resonance instills confidence, then it's the best putter line on the market. The balance is steady, and the on-the-heavy-side head is effective on slick greens. It's also balanced and hits true no matter how far up or down your hands are on the grip. As all golfers know, the most important feature for a putter is whether or not you can scoop up the ball with the back of the head after those 'gimmes' - or, in my case, those 'give ups.' The #2 and most other White Hots require no bending and twisting of your back which could put you in traction for the remainder of the season. Of course, you'll have to buy and install one of those silly suction thingies if by chance the ball actually goes IN the hole.


I don't see them around much any more. They seem to have been replaced by some odd-looking stick with two flat golf balls painted on that look more like representations of the moon. I feel like I'm seeing double.


Perfect for slick greens.

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