Review of Penn ProPenn Forged Driver (Drivers)


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ProPenn Forged Driver

This is as solid a feeling club as I have hit. The grey coating seems easily chippedand the 330cc head seems smaller than most comparable size heads. This could help people that have a problem setting up with some of the huge heads on the market


I own Ping,Taylor Made and titleist drivers and none of them are as straight and forgiving as this club, which is a 10.5 degree loft.


The club comes with a shaft powered by patriot. Since I don't know anything about the manufacturere we will have to hold judgement on the quality of the shaft. In the mean time the combination works great.


I thought my Taylor Made 300 series was it. I was wrong. Wile it may be very good and quite honestly longer than the Penn. The ProPenn is more forgiving and the straightest club I have ever hit. It sounds solid on every shot no matter whether you hit the sweet spot, the toe or the heel.At the bargain prices you can pick this club up for get one today. It may not be the longest driver you have ever hit, but I almost guarantee your percentage of fairways hit in regulation goes up 15-20%.I know mine did.

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