Review of Ping G10 Draw (Drivers)


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G10 Draw

Quality and contruction of this driver is top notch. I haven't found any flaws yet.


Club feels very light yet sturdy during my swing (99mph ss back in 7/2008 using my Taylormade R7 CGB Max). Head looks good at address. Grip is really comfortable and not as soft as the TM Arrowlite grip on the R7. The offset is visible at address, but doesn't hinder me mentally. I do notice a reduced sidespin as my ball doesn't slice as much on bad mishits. Normal ball flight is straight down the middle with a crisp hit. Mishits fades a little, but still on the right side of the fairway. I can live with that. Sound after hitting the ball isn't as loud as a Cleveland HiBore, Nike Sumos, Cally FT's, or Cobra L4V. It's a nice sound when you make a [nearly] perfect hit.


Nothing I really don't like about this driver, yet.


Great club for those who are consistently fading the ball. This Draw version will not cure your slice, but helps manage those fades. Bad mishits (open face) will still slice the ball. Using a ball that reduces sidespin will also help.

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