Review of Ping Iseries CRAZ-E (Putters)


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Iseries CRAZ-E

Ping makes solid equipment and the CRAZ-E is no exception


So I use the Ping CRAZ-E from a couple years back. It's awesome. This model I don't like as much, but I'll get to that later. So I love the weight of the club, as it's easy for me to get into that pendulum swing motion you should have when putting. The impact feels sot and the ball jumps off the club face. The odd shape of this putter has actually been a useful alignment aid though in this model it's not as obvious. Supposedly the changes to the design are to improve alignment but I can't say I see that.


On the old models, the big blue strip down the middle of the head was easy to use as an alignment aid. This model, with everything mostly gray is harder (IMHO) to align than the older model. The blue just seemed to jump out at you. Not here.


Nice putter, still a lot of technology in the putter, higher MOI, but the design change to me lowers the ease at which you can align this putter.

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