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Joe L

Top notch.


I'm a middle aged guy playing to about a 15 handicap who plays once, maybe twice a week. Average swing speed in the low 90s (not sure I believe all the guys in these reviews with 15 handicaps that say their swing speed is 105+ and hit the ball 300). Anyway, this review is as much about shaft options than the Rapture driver.I'm a big Ping fan. Play G5 irons (which I think play less clunking than G10s). Been searching for the right driver for a while and play most of them (R7 Quad, Sumo, Diablo, Titleist, G10, others.) Settled on a Bobby Jones Workshop Edition that I've been playing for about 8 months. Have had good luck with it and love the sweet feel of the Russina titanium and -- especially -- the forgiveness. Most forgiving driver I've ever played. But the shape and size of the head can be a bit challenging. I think it can cause problems if you get your swing off plain and -- as Adams seemed to confirm in testing for the Speedline -- leads to slower swing speeds. So decided to go back to my old standby G5 driver. Great basic driver that you can get for incredible prices on eBay now.Had been wanting to try an original Rapture and came across one with an R-flex Speeder 757 shaft which I'd heard about. Did some research on the shaft and although I feared it might be too much of a players shaft and too much for me, I decided it try it.Played with it for the first time yesterday -- and ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!! Missed one fairway due to a bad swing (though still got good distance). The round before this on a similar course using by Bobby Jones, I'm not sure I even hit a fairway. Right now anything in the mid 80s is acceptable for me. Only had time for 9 holes. Shot a 38 (though a fairly easy course and didn't putt that well)and the only two boggies were on par 3s were I just missed the green, left the chip short and two putted (so nothing to do with the driver). Had match going with a friend who's typically a little better than me and we were both 2-over heading into #9. He was one down on #6 par 3 and lipped out a tee shot!! Almost hole in one. Tap in for birdie to tie it up. So feeling confident with the Rapture...absolutely smoked one on a wire down the middle on #9. Barely missed the 12 foot sharply breaking downhill birdie putt. He boggied. Won by one.The 757 is the most stable, solid feeling shaft I've ever hit. Previous favorite was a red Diamana but this thing may top it ...and in regular flex would suit any game. Matches very well I thought with the Rapture head. I've always felt composite drivers really help average games (if you can afford it) and this proves it. Great feel, weight, launch angle, sound. And I like that it has a bit more of a classic shape that G5 driver which is a tad more rounded. With the current state of my game, I don't really try to move the ball much. Maybe a slight fade but a draw is not in my game. This thing goes where you aim it and very straight. Can't speak to ability to move the ball with it. Bottom line is I'm ever a bigger Ping fan now. Rapture is a step up from G5 and an extremely well built, solid club. Some might prefer G10 (which I tried and didn't see much difference from the G5) but I've had best luck with composite/titanium drivers.


Nothing. Great classic shape. Not too big and bulky. Great weight. Very solid, classic titanium sound.


The search for the right driver is over.

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