Review of Ping Ti SI (Drivers)


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Jason Mack

Titanium with a very light club head. Mine has the Grafalloy shaft and is 8.5 degrees of loft.


What's not to like? First of all it's a beauty. Even though beauty may only be skin deep, all you have to do is hear the sound this driver makes when you nail the ball and you'll know your money was well spent. Typically I can drive the ball about 230 yards (I'm a small guy), but I'm consistently getting 20 to 30 more yards out of this pup. It's very forgiving and that's exactly what I need right now.


It's a bit on the expensive side and the head of the driver is unusually large and surprisingly light. Even though I can appreciate the extra surface area, I sometimes wish there was more weight behind it.


Quite expensive, but will make a difference if you can get used to the light weight. It's a very forgiving club that can make a difference if you let it. Even if you don't hit 'er straight, the sound that rings out when you hit the ball will make you sound like a pro!

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