Review of Snake Eyes 655TJ (Drivers)


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Snake Eyes

Quality is first rate, with the best materials being used for both the face and the body of the head. A little extra epoxy to hold the name plate in place would have been nice, but that's the only negative I see.


This driver has a DAT600C beta titanium face, which is one of the hottest materials being used for drivers. I have the older 600TC driver, which is a 420CC model, and this 655TJ is a 460CC model. An extra 20 % more size can't hurt. The 11.5* loft is very good for anyone looking for a higher ball flight for more carry yardage. The sound and feel at impact is very solid, and very quite.


Only complaint I have is the small metal emblem set into the sole of the club, is missing. From what I've read, this is pretty much standard for this driver. It doesn't effect performance, but it would be nice if it hadn't fallen out.


If you are looking for a good driver that is both foregiving and long, this is one I can recommend. Golfsmith rates it a MAX for foregiveness, and MID for trajectory, and MIN for workability. That translates to easy to hit straight, average launch angle and don't plan on working the ball very much. And that's a good thing for most golfers looking to hit the ball long and straight. This is a fine driver, and you can't beat the price. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a really good driver.

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