Review of TaylorMade 300 series 3wood (Fairway Woods)


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jp2years fromScratch
300 series 3wood

Taylor Made have made a great jump in the Drivers and Fairway woods with their 300 series clubs. As the name states the Taylor Made golf club is made with the best quality and fairs well among other manufactures.


The great thing about the 300series fairway wood is that it is so easy to hit. I mean all you have to do is bring the club down and your ball flys about 250 from the rought. It is my favorite club in my bag right now. It is also very forgiving. No matter how you hit the ball it always seems to go in the vacinity of where you were aiming for. I also love the distance I get with the club eaily reaching par fives in two. Actually got my first eagle a week ago hitting my 3wood around 250 yards onto the green.


There isn't to much to dislike about the club. But if I had to complain about on thing it would be the face. My buddies have callaway 3wood and the face has a slight loft making it a little easier to hit out of deep rought. But after that I have no complaints. My buddy used to smoke his 3wood but since I got my 3wood I have been hailed the 3wood king.


All in all this is one of the better clubs that I have hit. I am not a great golfer yet so when I have an easy time hitting a club you know it must be the club and not me. It looks real sleek with its dark metalic blue shaft and onyx black head. Distance and forgivness is great. This club makes the game eaiser to play and I would recommend it to any golf struggling with there longs iron, which is most of us.

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