Review of TaylorMade 300 Ti (Drivers)


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300 Ti

The face of the driver is slightly brushed in appearance. The sole is highly polished and sits nicely on the turf without drag on the takeaway. The shaft is not the bubble and I suspect it is the Fujikura shaft we've all been hearing about. It is very stable and feels like it has a high flex similar to the TT EI-70. All in all, it is a very classic looking head, conservative in appearance and quite handsome, I think.


The sole "seats" itself very squarely on the turf and obviates the need for manipulating the head once grounded. The shaft is very stable and the head is really solid. Although this model is supposedly for the "better player," I can tell you that as a 7-8 handicap, I have my share of heel and toe mishits. I am totally pleased by the forgiveness of the head and relative lack of distance loss. There is just enough gear effect to bring the ball back to the fairway.


A point that should be made is to make sure you order a club with at least 1 degree more loft than you usually use. The CG is higher than the other two models (320 and 360).


At this price, the club is unbeatable. I am happy that I bought it.

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