Review of TaylorMade R7 Draw 460 (Drivers)

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Tom from Lafayette
R7 Draw 460

Very well built as you would expect from the company that 'owns the Tee box'


The club has a nice feel to it and sets up well to the ball. I think this is a 2 degree closed face but it does not look like it at address. Impact feels solid and it seems to cure the fade. 45 inch shaft which I choke up a little and seem to get good results. This is by far the best TM driver I have ever used.


Nothing adverse


I have to confess I'm a club junky. In the last two years...several Cobras, BB 460, Nickent 3 DX....all currently competing for pole postion in the garage. This TM is a cut above the Cobra Speed drivers and about equal to the BB 460. The BigBertha has a much lower profile that the TM, but I think the TM is more forgiving. Even a severe toe hit goes straight with fair distance. Believe me for $149 You Can Not Go Wrong!

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