Review of Titleist 907 D1 (Drivers)


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J Chen
907 D1

My initial impression was that this driver is gorgeously constructed, black satin head, gleaming silver shaft and innovative head design. The overall driver was featherweight light.


The club head on impact feels solid with relatively mild sound. It is forgiving in that off center hits don't disperse much and still has adequate distance. It's a club ideally designed for a mid to high handicapper that's striving more accuracy and a bit of distance. But if you are a mid-low handicapper that has decent club head speed, the lightness of this club will not deliver your energy transfer for more distance.


Due to stretching the club head size to regulation max of 5in X 5in, the design has placed all the weighting in the perimeter. What this means is the club head feels extremely light. That maybe good if you desire a light club, but bad if you desire to deliver more inertia and thus power into your drives. Be sure you pair this club with the correct shaft, because that will make all the difference with this driver.


This club is ideal for the mid-high handicapper with swing speeds of 90-100mphs striving for accuracy, forgivness, and to add a bit of distance. Not for an advance player that desires workability and to increase distance.

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