Review of Titleist 975D (Drivers)


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John Gilmore

Great, solid construction. I would expect no less from Titleist. It's a titanium head with a thru-bore shaft design.


This is a 9.5 degree model and it's given me a little more confidence because I can distinctly feel when I make good contact. The ball trajectory is just right for me. It's probably a little more expensive than I need at this point, because I'm still shooting in the low 90's, but at the driving range I seem to be getting about 20 more yards on average.


This club really gives you a workout. If you don't have a real strong swing it might be too much for you. I know it challenges me at times, but when you hit one between the eyes it pays for itself. Just a little heavy, that's all. I figure it's going to build me up and pretty soon I'll be smacking the hell out of that little dimpled bugger..


It's a little expensive and a little heavy, but if you've "got game", you can crush the ball with this driver. Overall it's an excellent driver, I just think it may have been a bit much for me at this point in my game.

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