Review of Titleist D3 (Drivers)

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Seemed very well constructed


The club had a good feel. I've not used a Titleist driver in many years, back in the old 975 days so I was interested in seeing how this did.I was surprised that this clubhead had more of a traditional shape to it, given the old D2 head seemed more pointed at the rear of the head. The ball felt good coming off the club face. The launch angle was a bit lower than my Cobra driver, usually I was in the 11 degree range on solid shots. Spin on good shots was in the 3200-3400 RPM range giving me some of my longest drives.Distance was comparable to my Cobra though the ball flight was a little more right than my normal, but not troublesome.Sound, this club definitely is quieter than the Cobra, so that may make your 4some partners happier.


Well the MSRP price of $450 is STEEP compared to other quality drivers for under $300. That and the slightly more right ball flight were the only concerns I noticed.


If you're a Titleist customer now, the D3 will probably keep you as a customer. If the price is in your ball park, then this is a good driver to consider. Looks great, feels good, and performs well.

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