Review of Titleist NXT Tour (Balls)


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NXT Tour

The durability of the NXT Tour was impressive. I played 18 holes with one ball and it only had slight abrasions from hard wedge swings. It also seemed just as consistent on the 18th hole as 1st hole.


Immediately I was impressed with distance equal to a prov-1 if not farther. On slight mis-hits less side spin so more carry. A soft feel off the irons and putter and a nice muted sound when struck well, it sounds like a premium ball.


The thing that tells you it is not a premium ball, wedge spin and chipping around greens. The soft feel gives you the feeling it should spin more than it does. It just will not spin as good as the premium balls. A mid to high handicapper will probably never notice or care. But if you are used to a high spin ball like a prov-1 or Nike Tour Accuracy. The lack of bite will leave you wanting more from this ball.


I have to say I was very happy with the all around performance of the NXT Tour. It is long, accurate, a nice soft feel and very durable. And for the price it is a good substitute for a premium ball when you dont need the spin (wet conditions). But come summer time I am going back to using a prov-1.

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