Review of Titleist Pro V1 (Balls)


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Pro V1

I don't give a flying fig about how this thing is put together ... if it works... that's enough for me.The quality is good, though I have found a few paint/cover flaws on occasion.


The distance and durability of the ball is amazing... I had used Titleist SF before and I would guess a 5% increase in distance and they last for a good 5 or 6 rounds without losing performance... and they NEED to at that price!Into the wind, I was also pleasantly surprised at the distance... and yes "seeming" also "seems" to keep the distance up there.


The price may be prohibitive at first glance, but the fact that they last so long makes the relative cost acceptable.


The investment is worth it.. I use it with a 975D driver and the combo is great. Buy a dozen! .. If you don't like it, just send me the 11 unused ones :-)

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