Review of Top Flite XL2000 (Irons)


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Marc Buis
Top Flite

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The TopFlite was a bit of a gamble for me. I was not willing to pay a lot of money for clubs so I was searching for a cheaptrick. The TopFlite XL2000Positive:The clubs just go straight and are for me (as a beginner) easy to play. Most surprisingly is the distance you get with these irons. I am what people may call a hard/long hitter, but with these clubs I must be in the very long hitter section. To give an example: iron 3 180 / 190 meters (without roll) and most importantly: very controllable and very straight. But al clubs handle very good. (I think even better than the Callaway X-12 of my brother, which feel lifeless in comparison)To summ things up1. Length = very good2. Playability = Easy, just go straight, but effect shots are certainly possible.3. Quality Head = very good4. Quality Shaft = Regular (A bit on the soft side, but I like it. I maybe should have bought the stiff version)5. Quality Grips = So so, You need dry hands and a dry glove. But fit okay


Negative:I think they are a bit short for me. It is not bothering me just now, but I think I will get new shafts. I am 1.80 meters and of normal proportions. And as I said in the Like section; the grips are okay but a bit slippery


For these proces: BUY THEM AND NEVER LOOK BACK.I have tried various clubs, just to know what I like in a club. (Titleist, Callaway, Dunlop)

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