Review of Tour Edge Exotics (Drivers)


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Tour Edge

VERY high quality. Better than many of the well-known names.


I have played a number of Tour Edge products, loved them, and couldn't resist grabbing an Exotics driver off of eBay recently, 12 degree, YS regular flex shaft as I have a modest swing speed. I usually buy 10.5, but thought a little more loft probably wouldn't hurt me. A typical drive for me is about 230, some good ones 250. It was about 38 degrees outside (not great weather for long distance), and I hit two balls off the tee on the first hole, both effortless high draws with no warmup. Felt good. REALLY good. I walked down the fairway to see where my ball was. I couldn't see it. I kept looking. I found them both at 285, dead center. Please don't wake me up from this dream .......


Ummm, that I have played the past 7 years without it ...


Clubs are a personal thing, of course, but this driver is the first one I have ever used that RADICALLY outshines anything else I have played with ... I have about 15 drivers, and nothing else can touch it.

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