Review of Wilson Fat Shaft Irons (Irons)


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Roger Davis
Fat Shaft Irons

Very good quality from a reputable brand. Construction is first rate. Very solid and well built.


The thin face really seems to help with less than perfect contact. I also like the low center of gravity which helps get me up in the air where previously I'd have problems once in a while.


I find these irons to be a little more rigid than I'm used to which has forced me to work on my speed and come through with a little more control. Of course they do have a more flexible shaft available so if you're in the same boat check those models out.


Like most equipment, the cost of the clubs doesn't necessarily have a directly proportional positive impact on your game. I think the set is probably a little over priced, but certainly is good quality and has saved me a few strokes in the past few rounds. I'm not one to overrate something, though, so I'm giving them a 3.

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