Review of Yonex Cyberstar C280 (Irons)


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Bill H.
Cyberstar C280

Top notch quality and construction.


These are very a solid set of irons for any level player. Forgiving, long and nice looking.Game improvement without the extra thick looks.I'm very surprised at how well these play. Very point and shoot. I had a little problem pulling my mid-irons with my previous set. The Yonex C280 have seemed to cure that problem, and also give me a little extra distance. Easy to hit off any lie though I will admit I don't have much experience out of the real thick rough yet, but really don't see any problem.


Yonex didn't make a matching Gap wedge for lefties. And trying to find the matching 4 iron is impossible. Even the folks at Yonex couldn't help me.


I'm amazed, after playing these irons, Yonex isn't in more bags. I've played Ping ISI's for the past several years and thought I would never switch, though, I probably will never really get rid of my pings, they will be sitting on the bench for a while.

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