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My recent experience with Titleist Ball Fitting

So a local course had the Titleist team at the course recently, doing Titleist ball fitting. So I scheduled a 30 minute session to see what ball they would recommend for me. Now I had done the "talk" version of this a couple times, as recent as a few weeks ago at the Wyndham tour event where Titleist had a tent setup to promote their golf balls. They always tell me to play the ProV1x. So I was curious what the true fitting process would suggest.

8 Champion Personality Traits. Know yours and improve your golf game

8 Champion Personality Traits! (http://www.golfpsych.com/blog/8-champion-personality-traits/)

The One You Don’t Have Could Be Wrecking Your Game!
Find It …& Strengthen It …to Save Strokes!

by Dr. Deborah Graham

What you don’t know WILL hurt your game!

Bios on Some of The Greatest Amateur Golfers in History

Walter Travis

No other golfer in history has played as well after starting so late in life. Travis didn't touch a golf club until he was 35, and less than a month later he won his first tournament, and two years later he reached the semi-finals of the U.S. Amateur Championships.

By Travis' 39th birthday he had won his first of three U.S. Amateurs and was the first American golfer to travel to Great Britain and win the British Amateur Championship.

Are the Official World Golf Rankings Biased?

Are the Official World Golf Rankings biased against PGA Tour players? A recent analysis suggests they are.

I will try to not take things out of context but I do suggest you review the entire article for yourself for more detailed information. There is a wealth of information in the full report but it's difficult to digest that all here. You can read the entire article here : http://www.columbia.edu/~mnb2/broadie/Assets/owgr_20120507_broadie_rendl...

Warm ups


Do you warm up BEFORE you play golf? What about BEFORE you hit balls at the range? Usually we think about getting to the course and warming up as meaning getting to the range and rapidly hitting a bucket of balls. Here's what a pro golfer does before he hits the course: Stretch, practice putting for 30 minutes, warm up hitting for 35 minutes, then pitch, chip, and hit sand shots for 10 minutes, then putt again for 10 minutes, and then finally, go to the tee.

On this day, Dec 17th

Rocco Anthony Mediate is born in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Turning pro in 1985, he won six PGA Tour events between 1991 and 2010, but is most famous for taking Tiger Woods to a 19 hole playoff for the 2008 US Open at Torrey Pines, only the third time a US Open had finally been decided by sudden-death, after the two were level for the mandatory 18-hole playoff.

Golf Ball Distance..Affects caused by cold weather.

Having recently experienced what appeared to be distance loss due to cold temperatures, I headed to the web in search of more details as to what exactly impacts the distance a golf ball travels in the cold weather. Here's what I found:

Taint of Organized Crime Leads to Mass-Resignation at Japanese PGA

By Josh Sens

Crime doesn’t pay.

And neither does playing golf with organized crime bosses.

That’s one lesson from this week’s headlines in Japan, where executives of that country’s Professional Golf Association have opted to resign en masse after two of their colleagues were found to have played golf and socialized with a mafia chief.

Hot Yoga and the golf swing


OK, I've been doing hot yoga on and off for about a year now and I can clearly see that my flexibility is increasing. A form of yoga done at about 105 degrees and 40% humidity, it builds flexibility and core strength, focus, balance, all of which are important to golf

See the excerpt from an interview with professional golfer Josh Kendall:

How does yoga help with your balance while golfing?