Review of TaylorMade Super Steel Burner (Drivers)

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Chris Bereznay
Super Steel Burner

Obviously first rate. It's TaylorMade, what would you expect? Nice tie in from the shaft to the clubhead looks like it's going to hold up well. The grip is quality, even if it's not that comfortable.


At first, I thought the shaft was too stiff but that turned out to be one of this drivers endearing qualities. I almost took it back because I was so used to more whip in my stick, but after getting used to it I like the solid feel and consistency. It's forced me to do whatever I can to increase my clubhead speed which is the approach I should have taken in the first place instead of looking for equipment to compensate for it.The club head is very attractive and has a great sound at impact, but as you know beauty is only skin deep. With a relatively large club face, my accuracy has increased due to the more forgiving nature of this driver.


There is really nothing I have found that I would rate poorly. The only thing I might do is have it regripped because I'd like something a little more "fat" and comfortable. The stock grip is, well, a stock grip.


I think this is a great club. Probably a little more than I needed, but at the great price I think I will survive. I think I'll get a good many years of use out of this club because it's one that is quality enough that as my skills improve it will still serve me well.

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